As the project lead, it was my responsibility to plan, manage and execute this high-visibility project. With the help of my peers, we were able to compress a typical 12-month product development timeline into just 3 months - going from initial conversations to producing and delivering 3800 bags to great acclaim.


The project and our conversations with TED all started and were grounded in the 16 TED Tribes. In the brief TED provided us with, they wanted us to explore the creation and customization of the gift bags based on the characteristics of each tribe.

From the beginning, we knew we weren't going to make 16 different bags so we utilized the Brand Archetypes Framework to cluster the Tribes around commonly shared values.

This clustering enabled us to better direct our design efforts around distinct design personas - maintaining the desired personalization - while also simplifying the task at hand.

Discussing design details based on the Brand Archetypes

Discussing design details based on the Brand Archetypes

Hundreds of sketches, renders, and iterations were played with before we arrived at our solutions. In the image above you can easily see how the design process allowed us to explore difference formats, functions and aesthetics. The final solution below - a bag done 5 ways - illustrates the process of picking details from one idea and ones from another to arrive at a result that expresses the possibility of personalization.

We accomplished the desired result by provided the user with 3 different ways to carry the bag - as a messenger bag, backpack and as a tote. Additionally, we provided 5 different colorways, each representing a different persona. Our intention was to allow each attendee to use and customize the bag as they saw fit. Our hope was to also spurn discussion and bartering between attendee's if they preferred a different color dopp kit.