Back in the day: when I used to skateboard.

This is one of the better skateboard shorts I've seen a while. It reminded me a grittier version of Rodney Mullen. Kilian obviously has the technical skills, but Rodney's style is unsurpassed.

I remember the days when Hannes, Reto, and I would go skateboard. We would dream of being able to do what the pros could. Invariably, I would always end up with a badly twisted ankle. It reminds of of this time when I hurt my ankle, but still wanted to go to a party so used my crutches to steer my bike and peddled one-footed. Fun times...

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Videos I like.

Vimeo is a constant source of inspiration, especially their staff picks. I like the animated short below, for example, because the quality of the animation somehow has some realism to it while at the same time not. Maybe it's the softness of the light. 

The story is cute too - an agorophobic/OCD man with his pet fish(es) longing for the red-headed neighbor.

Bachelor film project from The Animation Workshop, Viborg, Denmark.